Bullous Myringitis Hearing Loss

Chapter 17: Sudden And Fluctuant Sensorineural hearing loss
Bullous myringitis The possible pathology and clinical aspects of this condition have been discussed previously (see Chapters 3 and 7). hearing loss in their patients was exclusively unilateral, profound or total and permanent, and … Read Content

Ear Exam – Stritch School Of Medicine
May remove a lot of ear wax in the ER Bullous Myringitis Large vesicles/bullae visible on the drum Landmarks obscured Drum is reddened Viral infection characterized by painful hemorrhage preventing conductive hearing loss may prevent delayed language development “Mom, the … View Full Source

Common Disorders Of The External, Middle & Inner Ear
Sudden Hearing Loss. Pruritus, pain and tenderness of external ear. Erythema and edema of EAC . Clear or purulent otorrhea with crusting. Cerumen protects the EAC and provides acidic pH with antimicrobial properties. Bullous Myringitis. Remove FB to prevent infxn and “tattooing … Fetch Here

Dr. Abdulrahman Hagr Al-Ghamdi MBBS FRCS(c) Assistant …
Bullous Myringitis: Signs • Inflammation limited to TM & nearby canal • Multiple reddened, inflamed blebs – hearing loss – TM perforation –CSOM – retraction pockets – cholesteatoma – mastoiditis – petrositis – labyrinthitis … Doc Viewer

Ear Exam – Stritch School Of Medicine
May remove a lot of ear wax in the ER Bullous Myringitis Large vesicles/bullae visible on the drum Landmarks obscured Drum is reddened Tympanostomy Tube May be placed in children with a series of ear infections The major goal is to prevent conductive hearing loss to prevent … Read Content

OTOLOGY SEMINAR Bullous myringitis
Sensorineural hearing loss in bullous myringitis. A prospective study of eighteen patients. Clin Otolaryngol Allied Sci. 1990 Aug;15(4):351-3. 11. Lashin N, Zaher S, Ragab A, ElGabri TH. Hearing loss in bullous myringitis. … Document Viewer

Bullous myringitis
Hearing loss. Clinical presentation • 2003.Kotikoski: bullous myringitis< 2 y/o • Middle ear effusion: 97% • Otalgia: 58% • Fever> 38: 62% • In bullous myringitis a respiratory virus was … Fetch Here

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Conductive hearing loss. Feeling of fullness or pressure. Phyical exam: sine q. ua non of otitis externa = pain on gentle traction of the external ear. Periauricular adenitis . Foreign body: Acute (bullous) and chronic (granular) myringitis: … Retrieve Full Source

Otitis Externa (OE) – SAWA '06 Summarizing Group
Ramsay Hunt syndrome is characterized by facial nerve paralysis and sensorineural hearing loss, with bullous myringitis and a vesicular eruption of the concha of the pinna and the EAC. A painful otitis externa may be present as well. Treatment includes use of an antiviral agent … Fetch Doc

ACUTE OTITIS EXTERNA Ppt. – SAWA '06 Summarizing Group
Ramsay hunt Bullous myringitis Anatomy of the external ear Otitis externa Is an acute or chronic inflammatory Patient presentation: – Herpes zoster of the pinna with otalgia. – Facial pralysis – Sensorineural hearing loss – Vesicular eruption Cont. Symptoms … View Full Source

Infections Of The External Ear
• No hearing loss or significant pain. GM: Signs • TM obscured by pus • “peeping” granulations • No TM perforations. Bullous Myringitis • Viral infection • Confined to tympanic membrane • Primarily involves younger children. Bullous Myringitis: Symptoms … Read Document

Approach To Ear Problems
Pruritus Conductive hearing loss Diagnosis: External Auditory Canal Chronic otitis externa-Management Cover fungi with clotrimazole bullous myringitis Barotrauma Hearing loss Otalgia Barotrauma-Management Auto inflation by yawning, … View Full Source

Specific Problems: Earache And Hearing Loss – Sickle Cell …
Bullous Myringitis. Hemorrhagic bullae on tympanic membrane seen with mycoplasma and bacterial infections. – Mastoiditis. Past history of chronic otitis, pain, high fever, swelling behind ear or posterior Hearing loss is more frequent in sickle cell patients. … Content Retrieval

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DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS Otitis externa Bullous myringitis Cerumen impaction Dental abscess Foreign body in ear canal Referred pain (parotid/tooth/lymphadenitis) COMPLICATIONS Hearing loss: conductive, sensoneural, mixed) Acute mastoiditis: … Retrieve Content

Otitis Media
O If hearing loss → ENT specialist • Mastoiditis- Rare <1:2000 • Meningitis • Facial paralysis • Intracranial abscess Chronic Supporative Bullous Myringitis OM with effusion Glue Ear – drum retraction, opaque fluid . … Retrieve Content

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