Dx Code Hearing Loss

It can be coded separately using 69210 Removal impacted cerumen (separate procedure), one or both ears. Diagnosis code 380.4-Impacted cerumen should be linked to 69210 on the charge 99213-25 DX: 382.9, 380.4. 69210 DX: Patient denies any hearing loss or fluid from the ears. … Document Viewer

LCD For Audiologic And Vestibular Function Testing (L27390)
389.14 CENTRAL HEARING LOSS The following ICD-9-CM code describe the conditions for which CPT code 92700 may be medically necessary when it is reported for a Lombard Test 300.11 CONVERSION DISORDER … Document Retrieval

Hearing Screening Coding Fact Sheet For Primary Care …
hearing loss at 50dB in the left ear and normal hearing at 20 dB in the right ear; his left ear speech threshold is 40 examination for stigmata associated with hearing loss, genetic testing, EKG (CPT code 93000), and ENT and ophthalmological exams. … Fetch Content

2010 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes
Due to hearing loss Use additional code to identify type of hearing loss (389.00 – 389.9) 315.39 Other Developmental articulation disorder Dyslalia Excludes: Lisping and lalling (307.9) Stammering and stuttering (307.0) … View Document

For Traumatic Brain Injury ICD-9 Coding Guidance Department …
Series Code Description Hearing 389.9 Hearing loss, unspecified 388.42 Hyperacusis 388.3 Tinnitus Neurologic 780.4 Dizziness, lightheadedness 784.0 Headache 780.93 Memory loss, NOS 438.85 Vertigo Psychiatric 308.9 Acute stress reaction, unspecified 300 Anxiety/irritability … View Document

Pediatric Hearing Loss – University Of California Irvine …
Genetic Hearing Loss Alice Lee Resident Conference goiter develops in second decade of life Dx: positive perchlorate test (not currently available); genetic testing now preferred Rx: T4 to suppress goiter growth (no affect on hearing), … Fetch Full Source

Health assessment should include information pertinent to hearing loss such as prenatal or perinatal risk factors, examination for stigmata associated with hearing loss, genetic testing, EKG (CPT code 93000), and ENT and ophthalmological exams. How is this service reported? … View Document

Suggested Protocol & Documentation Form – NCHAM: Newborn …
code: ___ 92567 Tympanometry Dx ___ V72.1 "Passed" hearing screen ___ Other Dx Code: code: ___ 389.9 Unspecified hearing loss _____ ___ 382.9 Unspecified otitis media ___ 388.6 Discharging ear, otorrhea RIGHT Middle Ear Evaluation … Read More

389.16 Sensorineural Hearing Loss, Asymmetrical 314.01 Attention Deficit Disorder Of Childhood With Hyperactivity 389.18 Sensorineural Hearing Loss of Combined Types 345.10 Generalized Convulsive Epilepsy, 389.2 Microsoft Word – dx.doc … View Doc

Diagnosis Listing
Expanded ICD 9 Diagnosis Code Conductive Hearing Loss, Bilateral Neural Hearing Loss, Unilateral Sensory Hearing Loss, Unilateral Mixed Hearing Loss, Unspecified Mixed Hearing Loss, Unilateral Mixed Hearing Loss, Bilateral No longer used to specify dx Spastic Hemiplegia … Fetch Doc

2011 ICD-9-CM Diagnosis Codes
Deafness or hearing loss of type classifiable to 389.00 – 389.08 with type classifiable to 389.10 – 389.18 389.20 Mixed hearing loss, unspecified Code first: hearing impairment (389.00-389.9) visual impairment (369.00-369.9) … Read More

Page 1 Of Revised Diagnosis Codes Effective October 1, 2006
Code Description 255.10 Hyperaldosteronism, unspecified 285.29 Anemia of other chronic disease 323.1 Encephalitis, myelitis, and 389.18 Sensorineural hearing loss of . Page 2 of 4 Diagnosis Code Description combined types, bilateral … Read Document

2008 ICD-9 Coding Changes For Neurology 2008 ICD-9 Coding
Use additional code to identify type of hearing loss (389.00-389.9) 331 Other cerebral degenerations Use additional code, where applicable, to identify: Add with behavioral disturbance (294.11) without behavioral disturbance (294.10) 331.1 … Access Content

New Diagnosis Codes – Home | Centers For Medicare & Medicaid …
Diagnosis Code Description 040.41 Infant botulism 040.42 Wound botulism 058.10 Roseola infantum, unspecified 389.22 Mixed hearing loss, bilateral 414.2 Chronic total occlusion of coronary artery 415.12 Septic pulmonary embolism … View Full Source

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